Falling in love with poetry & C-PTSD (Conker magazine)

I fell in love. I had an orgasm. So I wrote about it.

Recently, I’ve been allowing greater vulnerability into my life. I hold the steadfast belief that without vulnerability, there can be no realistic love. I broke out of my comfort zone and challenged myself to write a truly uncensored expression of love. So here’s a collection of poems on building new expectations of romance and having orgasms.

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One Year Later

Immediately, you regret angrily throwing out the lingerie. Well-fitting lingerie might be as rare as enduring love.

Later, you’ll question ripping up your sketch of him too. You had drawn him from a photograph, smiling in serenity, resting topless in your lap. Those two objects signify who you truly are: sensitive, sensual and strong. Those qualities belong to you. They are yours to treasure and share with the world. These are your gifts, even if they were once viewed through someone else’s eyes.

The balance of perspective takes time.

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