Falling in love with poetry & C-PTSD (Conker magazine)

I fell in love. I had an orgasm. So I wrote about it.

Recently, I’ve been allowing greater vulnerability into my life. I hold the steadfast belief that without vulnerability, there can be no realistic love. I broke out of my comfort zone and challenged myself to write a truly uncensored expression of love. So here’s a collection of poems on building new expectations of romance and having orgasms.



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Last month, I saw my writing in print for the first time in Conker magazine!

I wrote a piece for Conker on my experience of falling in love with C-PTSD, from diagnosis to recovery. Issue 2: Rise has now sold out: follow Conker magazine on Instagram for updates about a re-run.  I will also be contributing to Issue 3: Growth, with a piece on losing friends during mental health recovery.

Thank you for your patience while your G4RL has been falling in love, continuing her studies and working a full-time job in mental health services!

Next week, G4RL is back on something resembling a regular schedule, with  posts on authenticity, how to manage a relapse in recovery and FOMO.



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