A Tale of Two Pals: on friendship & mental health

Content note: self-harm, eating disorders, suicide, hospitalisation.

It was the best of times; it was the clinically depressed of times.

Mental illness can fracture friendships. Friends may struggle to find the right words to say. They may feel helpless or frustrated. This week is a celebration of friendship blossoming through mental illness. Too often, those with mental health problems are imagined as isolated figures, head in their hands as they sit alone.

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When does mental health awareness become voyeurism?

Content note: references to suicide, self-harm, eating disorders, hospitalisation

‘Time to Talk’ day happened on 1 February. On this day, we are all encouraged to talk openly about our mental health, share our stories and listen to others do the same. It’s a worthy campaign run by Time to Change, a movement which aims to end mental health discrimination through social action. Every year, the campaign gets me thinking about “awareness”. What does this means in the context of mental health?

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They Called Me A ‘Slut’

Some kids on the World Wide Web refer to the number of sexual partners a person has had as their “body count”. When I discovered this, I wanted to delete today’s blog and just publish this sentence instead: the only time a body count is relevant is if somebody has died. Then I could have logged off, sipped on a sweet Rubicon and spent the rest of my afternoon watching Frasier instead.

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