Not a G4RL, not yet a woman

Why did you stop blogging?

Crossroads, the 2002 coming-of-age drama starring Britney Spears, is also where I found myself at the tail-end of last year. G4RL exceeded all of my expectations. There’s a time for  bragging and that time is now, baby. Between June and December 2018, I was profiled in The Panoptic, approached by a well-known women’s magazine and nominated in two categories for the UK Blog Awards.  My words featured in print for Conker magazine and Drawn Poorly Zine. Not bad for a girl with nothing but a broken heart and the word ‘REALISTIC’ written on a napkin.

But I needed to grow beyond the internet-walls of blogging.

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Sexual Confidence & Messy Minds

Content note: reference to rape & PTSD 

Welcome back to G4RL’s collaborative posts with ‘Sexual Confidence & Messy Minds’. Allow me to introduce Abigail, relationship development manager and commander of pub conversations on sexuality.

At G4RL, we want what your grandmother always wanted for you: a right, royal rogering. Regrettably, it’s come to our attention that some of you are having bang average sex. We need to open up a conversation about sexual confidence and your precious, chaotic minds.

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One Year Later

Immediately, you regret angrily throwing out the lingerie. Well-fitting lingerie might be as rare as enduring love.

Later, you’ll question ripping up your sketch of him too. You had drawn him from a photograph, smiling in serenity, resting topless in your lap. Those two objects signify who you truly are: sensitive, sensual and strong. Those qualities belong to you. They are yours to treasure and share with the world. These are your gifts, even if they were once viewed through someone else’s eyes.

The balance of perspective takes time.

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A Tale of Two Survivors: on abusive relationships

Content note: rape, emotional abuse, suicide, self-harm, eating disorders.

Welcome back to G4RL’s collaborative posts and ‘A Tale of Two Survivors’.  Allow me to introduce a remarkable woman, Tess. She’s a User Experience Researcher by day and a Broadway musical star by night. You can find her over on Instagram, where she refuses to let the Inhaling Seagull meme die.

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My Ex is Dating Someone New

Imagine life is a video game called Emotional Development.  Sure, the title ain’t snappy, but the graphics are great. In this game, you play out romantic entanglements. You can only ‘level up’ when you’ve grown positively from your experiences. Think of G4RL as the online instruction manual. People refuse to read it and wonder why they’ve been left on read by Brad at Level Two.

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