I Don’t Feel Comfortable in My Body

Content note: self-harm, eating disorders

I experience severe pre-menstrual syndrome. Put your eyeballs back in their sockets lads, you’re reading a blog called GIRL (if you squint a bit). A few days before my period arrives, as well as the usual headaches and irritability, I no longer recognise myself. My self-esteem fluctuates as wildly as the pound post-Brexit. I look in the mirror and think “who replaced my body with dough” and “why has my face been crudely covered with a Halloween mask”. Days earlier, I was the figurative belle of the figurative ball.

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I Slept with Someone and They Haven’t Messaged Me Since

Having sex outside of a relationship is tricky because the lines are as blurred as that Robin Thicke song about sexual harassment.

None of us can agree on the terms of engagement. I would like a tweet from Theresa May or Kanye West clarifying the official position on what “seeing each other” means. I have no idea what the phrases “dating” or “hooking up” mean either. It sounds like 50 Shades of Emotional Insecurity and I’ll have no part in it, thanks.

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My Boyfriend Messages Other Girls and It’s Making Me Feel Weird

In the past, they didn’t have Snapchat. When they caught feels for each other, they ate ice cream on a seafront, laughed nervously and got their kicks in horrifying ways we dare not even imagine. The year is 2017, we have social media and can all agree it’s the worst. But maybe it’s the best and I can’t stop. In a dating context, social media means that infidelity is easier to achieve. The constant connectivity generates anxiety and at its worst, all-consuming paranoia.

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